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[Ace Attorney] Yay, icons~!

28 Ace Attorney icons
Phoenix/Edgeworth: 1
Daryan Crescend: 24
Daryan/Klavier: 3

Mostly several similar-looking ones made of Daryan sprites.


I’m very clearly a Daryan fangirl.Collapse )

[Vampire Knight] Icon Dump

52 Vampire Knight icons
Cross Yuuki x9
Kiryuu Zero x6
Kuran Kaname x6
Chairman Cross Kaien x6
Maria/Hiou Shizuka x4
Kiryuu Ichiru x3
Touya Rima x3
Yagari Toga x3
Ichijou Takuma x 2
Aidou Hanabusa x2
Souen Ruka x1
Kain Akatsuki x1
Seiren x1
Shiki Senri & Ichijou Takuma x1
Kain Akatsuki & Aidou Hanabusa x1
Cross Yuuki & Kuran Kaname x1
Kiryuu Zero & Kiryuu Ichiru x2


Sweet dreamsCollapse )

[Phoenix Wright] White Day

7 Phoenix Wright icons
Miles Edgeworth x4
Phoenix Wright x1
Godot x1
Maximillion Galactica x1


Disclaimer: Phoenix Wright belongs to CAPCOM

I couldn't help but make icons after seeing the PW White Day picture. Not many icons and there are a couple of double-ups with different borders. I might make some more later. Two not-White Day icons thrown in because I hadn't posted them yet.

Icons!Collapse )

[Phoenix Wright & Zelda:TP] Icons

15 Phoenix Wright icons
Miles Edgeworth x7
Phoenix Wright x5
Franziska von Karma x2
Pearl Fey x1

12 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess icons
Princess Zelda x1
Link x3
Midna x4
Zora Queen x3
Shad x1

Disclaimer: Phoenix Wright belongs to CAPCOM and The Legend of Zelda to Nintendo


More IconsCollapse )

[Naruto] Random Icons

3 Naruto Icons
Sabaku no Gaara x2
Nara Shikamaru x1

Disclaimer: Kishimoto Masashi owns Naruto

IconsCollapse )

[Bleach] Icon Dump

30 Bleach Icons
Ishida Uryuu x22
Kurosaki Ichigo x1
Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryuu x2
Ishida Ryuuken x5

x-posted to ishidafansanon, quincy_papa and ishi_ichi

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach

Icons!Collapse )

[Bleach] Ichigo = Sex

3 Bleach Icons
Kurosaki Ichigo x3

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach

IchigoCollapse )

[Bleach] First Icon Batch

8 Bleach Icons
Ishida Uryuu x5
Kurosaki Ichigo x2
Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryuu x1

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach

Onwards, to the icons!Collapse )